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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 832857
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Maddie’s Fund: Maddie’s Fund mission is to “Revolutionize the status and well being of companion animals.” Feral Friends received a $1,692 grant from Maddie’s Fund at the end of 2010 which paid for veterinary care for the cats and kittens in our adoption program. These funds were received because Feral Friends participated in a community collaborative project with several local animal agencies interested in reducing the number of animals entering shelters and the euthanasia rate. To qualify for this grant, we provided information about our program since 2007. The compiled data we submitted to Maddie’s Fund is below. We are very grateful to Maddie’s Fund and their support of Feral Friends.


Maddie’s Fund® Awards $40,000 to No More Homeless Pets Dallas Coalition

No More Homeless Pets Dallas Coalition to Receive Award to Collect and Publish Data Concerning Dog and Cat Populations in Dallas Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups

(DALLAS, TX); September 12, 2010 — Maddie’s Fund® The Pet Rescue Foundation has announced that it has awarded a $40,000 grant beginning August 26, 2010 to support the collection and publication of data concerning dog and cat populations cared for by Dallas’ animal shelters and animal rescue groups on behalf of lost, stray or homeless dogs and cats.

The No More Homeless Pets Dallas coalition includes the SPCA of Texas, Cat Matchers, Dallas Animal Services, Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance and the Humane Society of Dallas.

The collection and publication of this data is sponsored by Maddie’s Fund®, www.maddiesfund.org.

Each animal is coded using the Asilomar Accords. To read more about the Asilomar Accords, visit www.asilomaraccords.org.