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Animal Success Stories

Few things are more rewarding than the smiling faces of adopted cats and their new families. If you’ve recently adopted a cat from us, and would be kind enough to share your story and photos, please send them to info@feralfriends.org.

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Bosco  12605
Bosco 12605

Our cat Captain and Boscoe get along great and even snuggle together, so we're very happy about that aspect. They play chase and toss around toys with each other too.


Everything is going very well! Oliver and Spooky (my other cat) are getting along really well!

Stormy 12388
Stormy 12388

He is doing great. He gets along with our other cats and seems oblivious to our dogs, even when they are doing the butt sniffing thing dogs do. :) He is honestly the most well behaved cat I've ever owned. He is such a sweet love bug and I think he would be happy to live on my lap.


Thanks for checking! We renamed Hollis "Queeqeg" because of the markings on his face. He is a joy. Just a little purr machine. He and our other cat are getting along- they touched noses yesterday for the first time, so I'm betting they'll be playing together soon. Thank you again!


Kate is doing very well in our home. She is so sweet. She has even gotten used to all the dogs. Still not best friends with my other cat, but they don't seem to mind each other. She is a perfect addition to our home! Thank you so much!

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